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The Film

Welcome to a world of glamour, controversies, and choreography.

When most people think about Australia, they picture massive sandy beaches, singlet-clad locals drinking beer, and kangaroos bounding through the dusty red outback. Saris, musical numbers, and masala are the furthest from anyone’s mind – unless of course, you’re one of the millions of Bollywood fans from around the world.

It was in the late 1990’s that the outrageous, colourful, and musical Bollywood crews first descended on the Australian landscape and fascinated locals around the country. More than just novel new entertainment, Bollywood brought serious money to Australian shores, and the industry quickly became a darling of the tourism, trade, and educational bodies. Beneath the glitz and glamour is a roller coaster tale of normally dry politicians bending over backwards to try and lure the industry to Australia – from announcing considerable film subsidies to Premiers performing cameos in dance sequences.

Brought to you by a cross cultural film team widely credited as a major influence on the growth of ties between the Australian and Indian film industries, this feature length documentary provides a rare insiders view of the brass, arse, and farce of Bollywood’s inner workings on a global scale.

The film is a celebration of Bollywood cinema and its expansion as a global entertainment giant. In a sometimes hilarious clash of filmmaking cultures, we explore the successes and failures of Bollywood’s rise as a serious subculture in Australia, and around the world.

See past the myths and legends that surround the industry and witness the Bollywood reality – something far more entertaining than any fictional tale.

The Producers acknowledge the support of the Australian Government through the Producer Offset and Screen Australia

Your Bollywood Story

Have you been looking to tell your Bollywood story?

Look no further. Take advantage of this rare platform to voice your unique Bollywood story from Australia or anywhere outside India, negative or positive.

If shortlisted you will be interviewed for the film and your experience shared through the film or our social media. We are looking forward to hearing from you all. Please do email us on

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Non Theatrical available globally.

ANZ Theatrical Rights secured by Forum Films

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The Crew

Claire Haywood
Deepti Sachdeva
Line Producer
Jannine Barnes
Anupam Sharma
Production Coordinator
Samantha Maree Barker
Executive Producers
Jacqui Miller Charlton
Trevor Charlton
Manish Sundarjee
Bharat Bhoola
Dancing Shiva
Janine Pearce
Lead Researcher
Casey Ventura
Production Executive
Racheal Rauch
Nina Prokhorova
Assistant Editor
Josh Mott
Supervising DOP
Cas Dickson
Research & Production
Max Norington
Research & Production India
Mansi Purohit
Research & Production Head India
Aishani Hajare
TJ Hamilton
Investigative Researcher
Armando Cordoba


Posted: 6:00 AM PDT 3/13/2019 by Pip Bulbeck

Anupam Sharma's Temple Films Inks First Look Deal With Forum Films.

The deal will help Forum expand in Australia beyond its existing Bollywood and Punjabi film distribution.

Full Article - here

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